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He outstanding particiation of Mexico in the Formula 1 (F1) begun in 1961 with the appearance of Ricardo Rodríguez in the Monza circuit during the Grand Prix of Italy; since then, Ricardo, algonside his brother, Pedro Rodríguez who ran the F1 circuit in 1996, fully gave in to this automotive sport.

On November the 1st, -after 50 years of these adventure - after 23 years of absence from the F1 in Mexico, the autodome track of the Mexican capital, has returned to the calendar of the maximum automotive category in the soportive world to carry out a Grand Prix.

In this occasion the return of the F1 to Mexico added the particpation of “Checo” Perez, who after his arrival to the GP podium of Russia, has created quite an uproar in the world circuit.

The pilot of the Force India Scuderia, with the Claro-Telemex-Telcel-Infinitum seal, was the first to run a Grand Prix at home in 45 years he said: “To have the chance of participating in a Grand Prix in my country is something I thought would never happen.

It is going to be one of the most important moments of my carrer and without a doubt I can say that this race will be a modern classic of the Formula 1. (75’-120’ range), Jesús Orantes and Rodolfo Hageman, as well as their guests, had a first sight exclusive of the teams; as well as a privilaged vision to appreaciate the race; reason why the Mexico Circuit of the F1 was spectacularly lived.

Amongst one of the most important aspects of the Grand Prix of Mexico, the experiences lived in the Azimut Yachts Mexico suite stoodout; directives of Azimut, such as, Ugo Garassino, who is the Director of the Superyachts division of Azimut S. Amber Lounge The return of the FI Grand Prix in Mexico brought with it the Amber Lounge party, rooted from the circuits of Monaco and Singapore; four European cities celebrated the event this year.

This private event called upon several international jet-setters, it also had the presence of Azimut Yachts Mexico, who is an emblematic shipyard within the nautic industry since 1988; this shipyard is one of the sponsors that made this celebration a success.

Amber Lounge Mexico held as headquarters the Campo Marte Casino, where Sonia Irvine, founder and host of this festivity received several pilots, celebrities and businessmen, who enjoyed three nights (From October the 30 to November the 1st) life performances by several artists and international DJs, as well as a captivating fashion show, whose main characters were F1 pilots who displayed marvelous outfits.

“I am thrilled that Amber Lounge has taken place in Mexico City.

After a 23 year absence from behalf of the F1, the people of Mexico were waiting expectantly the return of the Grand Prix.

This was an unforgettable weekend”, said Sonia Irvine.

Amber Lounge will close it’s F1 season with an after party, prior the last race of the circuit, in Abu Dhabi, which will take place on November the 29th.